On the set with Karen Allen
On the set of "30 ROCK"
Frosty was a member of Jane Krakowski's band, the "CRAB CATCHERS"
WHITE IRISH DRINKERS                                             Funeral Attendee                                            Dir. John Grey
WALL STREET 2                                                           College Professsor                                         Dir. Oliver Stone
THE OTHER GUYS                                                       Cameraman                                                    Dir. Adam McKay
YOU DON’T KNOW JACK                                            Picture Car/Businessman                              Dir. Barry Levinson
SALT                                                                               CIA Agent                                                      Dir. Phillip Noyce
MORNING GLORY                                                        Civil War Reenactor                                       Dir. Roger Michell
IT’S COMPLICATED                                                     Graduate’s Family Member                            Dir. Nancy Meyers
THE BOUNTY                                                                Racetrack Attendee                                       Dir. Andy Tennant
DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?                 Fundraiser Attendee                                      Dir. Marc Lawrence
DUPLICITY                                                                    Picture Car/Businessman                              Dir. Tony Gilroy 
GODS AND GENERALS                                               Civil War Soldier/Bugler                                 Dir. Ron Maxwell
STINGRAY SAM                                                            Scientist                                                         Dir. Cory McAbee

Indie Film
BROKEN                                                                       Mr. McCullen  (Lead)                                     Dir. Joe O’Connor
LITTLE WEST TWELFTH STREET                              Undercover Cop  (Featured)                          Dir. Scott Brooks
SOMETHING ABOUT RYAN                                        Diner Patron                                                  Dir. John Trigonis
ELLE & GUILLAUME                                                    Mr. Gehller (Featured)                                    Dir. Zack McNight
STRAIGHT TALK-A MOB STORY                               Jeremy (Featured)                                          Dir. Jim Donnelly

30 ROCK                                                                        Keyboard Player w/band                              NBC
                                                                                       “Crab Catchers”
30 ROCK (FINAL EPISODE)                                         Joe, Guitar Player                                          NBC
SMASH (Season 2/Ep.4)                                              Jake (Stage Manager)                                    NBC
BLUE BLOODS (Season 2/Ep. 19)                              Apartment Fire Victim                                    CBS
THE GOOD WIFE                                                          Driver with Picture Car                                   CBS
SILENT LIBRARY 4                                                       Annoyed Reader                                            MTV
CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES                                    Piano Player (Featured)                                  Dir. Seth Jarrett
BOARDWALK EMPIRE (Season 1/Ep. 12)                 1920’s Bandleader (Featured)                         HBO/Dir. Martin Scorsese
UGLY BETTY( Season 4/Ep. 14)                                  Piano Player (Featured)                                  ABC
MERCY Season 1/Ep. #10                                           Street Fair Patron                                          Creator-Liz Heldens
AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (Season 23/Ep.#7)      Driver w/Picture Car /Restaurant Patron                      
WORLD’S ASTONISHING NEWS                                Quarry Worker (Featured)                               Dir. Akihiko Hanzona
LIFE ON MARS/Ep. 105                                               Present Day Funeral Attendee                       20th Century Fox TV
LIPSTICK JUNGLE                                                       Party Guest                                                   NBC Universal
DAMAGES                                                                     CEO                                                              FX Productions
KINGS                                                                            Civilian                                                         Dir. Francis Lawrence
CUPID                                                                            New Year’s Eve Guest                                 Dir. Michael Grossman

LAURA PAUSINI MUSIC VIDEO                                  NYC Policeman (Featured)                           Run Multimedia
TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO                               Musical Performance                                    NBC (Village People)
GOOD MORNING, AMERICA                                      Musical Performance                                   ABC
MADISON SQUARE GARDEN                                     Musical Performance                                   LIVE (Village People)
USA SEVENS WORLD RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP     Musical Performance                                    San Diego, CA
LEE LEONARD SHOW                                                Musical Performance & Artist Interview        NJ 12 New Jersey
ON STAGE SHOW                                                        Musical Host                                                  KTVH, Wichita, Kansas
Course Name                                                           Course Description                                          Details
Masters Degree-Music        Music Performance, Theory &   Composition     Kansas State University                                                 
Television Commercials                                                Kathy Searle                                                   Scott Powers Studios           
Improv & Green Screen Seminar                                   Joe Perce                                                       Scott Powers Studios
Commercial Programs                                                   Stephanie Artuso/Jeremy Russell                Scott Powers Studios
Film Seminar                                                                   Chip Hourihan                                                Scott Powers Studios
Prime Time Seminar                                                      Margaret Emory                                            Dulcina-Eisen Associates
Hosting Seminar                                                              Alyse Zwick                                                   Scott Powers Studios

Special Skills
Music: Singer, Piano, Trumpet, Saxophone, Valve Trombone, Writing & Technical Skills: Songwriter, Jingle Writer, Record Producer, Recording Engineer, Vocal Skills: Voice-Overs/Cartoon Voices/Impressions, Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do w/Weapons, Sports: Tennis, Horseback Riding, Misc. Skills: Teleprompter, Singer, Hosting, Historical Skills: Civil War Reenactor/Bugler
Other Experience
Former Musical Director for SMOKIN’ JOE FRAZIER/3rd Degree Black Belt-Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Three-Time Native American Music Award Winner (NAMMYS)
Musical performances with:  Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Gloria Gaynor, John Stamos, Chuck Mangione, Buddy Rich, Branford Marsalis, Richie Cannata & Liberty DeVitto (Sax & Drums with Billy Joel) Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.
Professional Organizations
1.) SAG-AFTRA  2.) ASCAP (American Society of Composers,Authors & Publishers) 3.) NARAS (The Recording Academy-Grammys)  4.) American Federation of Musicians Local 802 (NYC) 5.) SHOF (Songwriter’s Hall of Fame)